Most of us have gotten the same message from our dentists since we were kids: in
addition to brushing, you have to floss. Despite our dentists’ recommendations, studies suggest
that most people take brushing more seriously than flossing. Only two percent of people don’t
brush their teeth, but according to a report in U.S. News, seventy percent of Americans neglect
to floss daily. Unfortunately, flossing may often be regarded as an optional or unnecessary step
to good oral hygiene. The acceptance of this falsehood could be damaging to your health. Just
like brushing, flossing is essential to a good oral hygiene routine and maintaining a healthy
mouth. Here are three reasons why flossing really matters:

1. Complete Your Brushing

Most people treat brushing and flossing with different levels of importance. One of the main
reasons we brush our teeth is to remove the plaque buildup that causes cavities, bad breath,
and gum disease. However, brushing only removes plaque from three of the five surfaces or
sides of each tooth. Your toothbrush cannot remove all the plaque that collects between your
teeth, which also happens to be the area of your teeth that is most likely to develop cavities.
Brushing without flossing means you’re completing only three fifths of the job. This is where
flossing comes in. To remove the plaque from every surface of each tooth, flossing is required.

2. Prevent Gum Disease

As noted previously, a thin layer of plaque naturally forms around all surfaces of the tooth. One
of the biggest problems with dental plaque is that it harbors bacteria. This bacteria’s waste
products are a tissue irritant that causes your gums to become inflamed, which is what gum
disease is. As gum disease progresses, it causes the gums to separate from the tooth and
results in bone loss. This advanced form of gum disease is called periodontal disease. Flossing

is so important to the gums that gingivitis (gum disease) simply cannot be reversed without it.
According to the CDC, almost half of people aged 30 years or more have some form of
periodontal disease that causes bad breath or bleeding gums. Flossing is the most effective
measure against periodontal disease.

3. Improve and Preserve the Appearance of Your Teeth

Unhealthy looking teeth and gums convey overall unhealthy and even premature aging. There
are only three steps to keeping your mouth healthy and looking youthful: brush, floss, and visit
your dentist for a cleaning and check-up every six months. Making flossing a daily habit helps
prevent cavities and gum disease, and ultimately leads to a better looking smile that lasts
longer. It’s simple, inexpensive, and one of the most effective ways to keep your smile beautiful.

Trust Accent Dental Group

Experts agree that most major issues can be prevented by routine oral care, including
flossing. However, getting regular check-ups is also essential. Finding someone you can trust
who will understand your unique needs can go a long way in eliminating any apprehension you
may feel about seeing a dentist. Your time is important and you deserve the best dentistry has
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