If you’ve experienced the loss of teeth due to decay or injury, or you are considering getting replacement teeth, you have several options at your disposal. One of the most common treatments are dental implants. In the simplest terms, dental implants are titanium structures that serve the function of the root of a tooth. Implants are placed into your gums, and an abutment piece connects the implant to a crown, or replacement tooth.

Dental implants have a variety of uses, and are widely used because of the host of benefits they offer. Here are our top 3 advantages of dental implants:

1. Improved Health

When you are considering getting false teeth, you have several alternatives. Dental implants are a strong contender because they are capable of standing alone, while other treatments involve reducing the surrounding teeth or fixing a connector to the surrounding teeth. Because the implant is firmly anchored, it doesn’t need support from other teeth, and the rest of your mouth can generally exist unaltered. This makes cleaning and maintenance very simple, as the surrounding teeth haven’t undergone any changes. No additional pockets are created for potential plaque buildup, and no shaving of the surrounding teeth will leave you with any rough surfaces.

2. Improved Function

The most impactful benefit of dental implants is the strength and ease with which they allow your mouth to function. With dentures, eating and speaking can prove difficult if your false teeth move about within your mouth. Cleaning also becomes an issue with removable teeth. With an implant, however, your mouth can function as it normally would without any risk of impacted speech or a tooth slipping out. Implants are anchored securely in the jaw, eliminating upkeep and allowing your bite to move naturally and dynamically.

3. Improved Appearance

Since a dental implant will generally be a standalone treatment, it will look like a natural part of your smile. The crowns that sit on top of the implant are usually made of porcelain, which blends well with the natural color of enamel. The surrounding teeth will remain unaffected, so the installation won’t jeopardize the health of your mouth. Because implants are so durable, the natural appearance of your mouth will persist for years, and for many patients, the rest of their lives. If you’re concerned about the potential appearance of a dental treatment, we’re happy to reassure you that you can feel confident smiling with a dental implant.

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