What Is a Crown?

A crown is a manufactured cap or top of either an existing tooth or a dental implant. A crown looks and functions exactly like an original tooth, enabling biting, chewing and a natural smile. Each crown is custom-made specifically for you, and will last, with regular care, for 15 to 30 years.

Crowns replace chipped, weak, broken, or decay-damaged teeth. Not only will a crown improve the appearance of your teeth, but a crown placed over a repaired tooth or an implant completes a restorative process leading to a pain-free confident smile. After your dentist corrects the initial problem, a crown will finish the job, leaving you with healthy teeth and gums.

How Is a Crown Installed?

The crown procedure is a simple one. The damaged portion of your original tooth will be cleaned and repaired where possible, then your dentist will shape the tooth to best receive a temporary crown. You will leave the office with a usable, if temporary, tooth in place, covering the repaired and prepared area. The dentist will make a mold of your teeth and will have it sent to a dental laboratory for a crown to be prepared to fit on the prepared tooth. Later, you will return for another visit during which the temporary cap is quickly removed and the crown is firmly attached.

Do Crowns Have Other Uses?

A crown can also be used to hold a dental bridge in place. When a tooth, or teeth, are removed and replaced with a bridge, there must be a strong anchor to help bear the pressure of chewing. A crown is made from very durable material and has the ability to support bridge-work for years.

In summary, dental crowns are a treatment option for a variety of conditions. Many dental issues from deep decay, complete replacement, damage, discoloration, or even anchoring a bridge to replace a missing tooth, utilize a crown in the treatment process. The end result is a natural-looking tooth that will function and appear like the original.

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